Notes to Self: 5 Ways to practice self-care

cup of tea and a magazine

I’ve always been a pretty sensitive person but it’s taken me a long time to realise that this means I need to take extra care to ensure I don’t burn out. I’m all too guilty of saying yes to too much and not saving enough time for myself. It’s all very well for a while, but eventually, after one too many late nights and early mornings, something’s gotta give and that something is usually my mental wellbeing. When I’m not taking care of myself, I become more forgetful, I get stressed over tiny things, and I feel overwhelmed by everything.

We’re taught to feel guilty for taking time out or time for ourselves, but it’s one of the most important and healing things we can do. So, here are some ways to practice self-care for those times where you just need a little down time.

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5 Things That Make Me Happy

I’m currently jobless and looking for work, and it’s great because I get a lot of time to myself to focus on the things I want to be doing, but it’s also very stressful as finding a new job is fairly soul-destroying. During the more difficult moments, it can be hard to remember the good things. So, inspired by a couple of other ‘happy’ lists I’ve seen, I wanted to share some of the things that have made me smile lately…

1. Looking through old photos I finally getting around to putting together an album to document my travelling adventures (only three years after the fact!) It was great to look through all my photos, remember small details and get very nostalgic about my trip.

2. Oh Comely magazine I love magazines. Not so much the ones that make you feel bad about yourself and tell you to diet, but the beautifully crafted ones that encourage creativity and curiousity. Unfortunately, I can’t always afford to buy the really good ones but I treated myself to a subscription of Oh Comely earlier this year and it’s a delight to come home to find the new issue every couple of months.

3. Being creative A benefit of not having a job is having a lot of free time. I’ve been trying to not spend all this time in front of a screen by breaking out my watercolours and old art journals.

4. Cooking I’ve never been a fan of cooking, in fact I’d go as far as hating it, but with the extra time I’ve got I’ve been trying to make an effort to try out new and nourishing recipes. And I have to admit that when I’ve got the time, the kitchen to myself and some good music, it’s actually quite fun.

5. Exercise This is another curve ball for me, I’ve always been the anti-sport, please-don’t-make-me-move type. Recently however, I’ve been trying to get more active as a way to get healthier physically but also to improve my mental state by clearing the head and getting those endorphins going.