New Beginnings / Dear Movies Zine


It’s been more than a little while since I last shared anything on this blog. Over the last year and priorities have shifted, new opportunities have presented themselves, and this little blog just wasn’t giving me joy anymore. I’ve still been writing, but it’s been for other places. After several failed attempts would seem that I’m not destined to be a blogger. And that’s completely fine with me.

From now on, this will just be a place to share semi-frequent updates about things I’m working on. Starting with, an exciting new project I’m brewing up – Dear Movies film zine. If you’re interested in film, magazines and passion projects, read on to find out what it’s all about.

Dear Movies is a zine for people who love film. It’s a collection of love letters to cinema that celebrate the films we’re obsessed with, the films that made an impression, the films we can’t help but tell everyone we know about.

We’re currently open for submissions for Issue One, which will focus on the theme of ‘Firsts’.

We want to hear about the first film you remember seeing or the first film that made you love movies or your first trip to the cinema. Tell us about your favourite director’s debut, the best opening scenes, and your first date cinema stories. Whatever the ‘first’, we want to know about it.

Send us your love notes, essays, short stories and poems. All types of writing are welcome.

Please note, this zine is a place for heartfelt tributes, not reviews or formal criticism. Be imaginative, make it personal, and tell us what film means to you.

Send pitches and finished pieces to by Sunday 20 August 2017.

Please include your name and the title of your piece in the subject line and send all pieces as a Word or Google document. When you submit, please also tell us a bit about yourself and include any details of social media handles, blogs or websites.

February Film Round-up

Bad Hair Pelo Malo

It was another quiet month for movies as I only watched four films this month – Bad Hair, Pariah, Woman of the Dunes and Deadpool. They were vastly different in tones and theme (ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous) and just another example of how varied my film tastes are! Here’s what I thought…

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