Lisa Simpson writingSELECTED WRITING


A Personal History of Remembering and Forgetting – Dear Damsels
More Than a Season (Ode to Summer) – Dear Damsels
A Reminder (poem) — Dear Damsels
Crying Out Loud — Dear Damsels
We Used to be Friends – Dear Damsels
Lessons Learnt from Travelling Alone — TYCI
Sweet Sixteen Sundays – A letter to my sixteen-year-old self — TYCI

Pop culture

The Power of Fiction — TYCI
Why I love Lisa Simpson — TYCI


Zine Queens and DIY Grrrls: Women, activism and self-publishing — Peachy n Keen
Women You Should Know: Shirin Ebadi — Peachy n Keen
Women You Should Know: Sisters Uncut — Peachy n Keen
Women You Should Know: Kathleen Hanna — Peachy n Keen

Health and Wellbeing

5 tips for socialising with a new lifestyle — Radiant on Raw

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