January Film Round-up

Diary of a Teenage Girl

I kicked off January by watching a few films that have been on my list for months. Then I got caught up in settling into a new job and spent more time reading, as I have a growing collection of fantastic but unread books piling up in my room, so films kind of took a backseat.

As it turns out January’s film list is something of a quality not quantity compilation. Apart from MI: Rogue Nation and Mona Lisa Smile, but you know, the exception proves the rule, and they were still very enjoyable.

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September Film Round-Up

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

In 2007 I started a list. It was a list of every film I watched, just the title and date watched, nothing more. Occasionally a symbol notified whether I’d seen the film before or whether I’d seen the film in the cinema, but there wasn’t much information other than that. It was a pretty pointless list but I kept it going for around three years, carefully recording each and every film no matter how embarrassing the title might be. This feature is kind of a revival of my original list, with added rambling. It’ll round-up the films I watch each month and what I thought of them, partly because I have a terrible memory so can’t keep track of what I watch and partly because I miss my old list. On with the show…

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