Notes to self: Dealing with FOMO

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The fear of missing out – or FOMO – is so much more that just a vaguely annoying cutesy acronym. It’s a real thing, and it thrives on on our social media saturated, more-is-more lifestyle. It’s the feeling you get when you see someone living their (seemingly) perfect Instagram life and posting about it on the daily. It’s the jealousy you feel when you think that your friends are having fun without you. It’s the dread that your life will never be good enough unless you can just manage to get the perfect body/job/partner/house/designer item. And it’s the creeping doubt that fills your mind on a casual Friday night when you wonder if you should be out there living life instead of drinking gin in bed while watching Grey’s Anatomy (although if that’s not living life, I frankly don’t know what is).

At least, that’s what fomo feels like for me.

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Notes to Self: How to cut down your screen time (when your interests are digital)

How to reduce your screen time when your interests are digital

I spend a lot of my time in front of a screen. I love film, I love television and I love the internet (most of the time anyway). By day I work for a charity in their digital team, then I come home and work on this blog, write on my laptop, read other blogs, watch films… On top of that I am, like most people, unnecessarily addicted to my phone, so of course I end up scrolling through Instagram and checking my emails a thousand times a day.

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