Helpful Links When Everything Isn’t OK

Be Gentle With Yourself - 8x10 by HEARTMADEARTS

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week in the UK. I’m not a mental health professional, nor an expert by any means, but I do know that starting conversations about mental health and sharing personal experiences can make a huge difference, and help reduce the stigma surrounding these issues.

I don’t usually do much for this kind of thing, for whatever reason, but I wanted to share some links to things that have helped me in the past – the posts and pages I bookmark and go back to on bad days. Hopefully they may be useful to you or someone you know.

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Notes to Self: 5 Ways to practice self-care

cup of tea and a magazine

I’ve always been a pretty sensitive person but it’s taken me a long time to realise that this means I need to take extra care to ensure I don’t burn out. I’m all too guilty of saying yes to too much and not saving enough time for myself. It’s all very well for a while, but eventually, after one too many late nights and early mornings, something’s gotta give and that something is usually my mental wellbeing. When I’m not taking care of myself, I become more forgetful, I get stressed over tiny things, and I feel overwhelmed by everything.

We’re taught to feel guilty for taking time out or time for ourselves, but it’s one of the most important and healing things we can do. So, here are some ways to practice self-care for those times where you just need a little down time.

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Notes to Self: How to cut down your screen time (when your interests are digital)

How to reduce your screen time when your interests are digital

I spend a lot of my time in front of a screen. I love film, I love television and I love the internet (most of the time anyway). By day I work for a charity in their digital team, then I come home and work on this blog, write on my laptop, read other blogs, watch films… On top of that I am, like most people, unnecessarily addicted to my phone, so of course I end up scrolling through Instagram and checking my emails a thousand times a day.

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